Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Note to self.

Yes, it's another note to myself.

Dear Self,

Next time you take your driver's license and credit cards out of your wallet and put them into your camera case (I did this for the hockey game) make sure you put them back into your wallet before you attempt to go food shopping. Imagine how silly that would be. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine. You were a dumb ass and went to the store and spent a good 45 minutes strolling the aisles looking for good healthy eats for the week. You stood in line. You unloaded your entire cart in an organized know, like you always do with all the boxes together, all the produce together, all the frozen together, etc. The cashier starts to reach for your first item and you open you wallet only to realize it is empty minus all the other crap you carry around in there. You uttered a bad word (thankfully the kids weren't there), you turned a brilliant shade of red, and you unloaded the groceries back into your cart in an orderly fashion. You drove 20 minutes home, grabbed your cards and drove 20 minutes back. Did you learn your lesson? I hope so...if not, read this message again frequently and learn from your mistakes.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now what?

This blog is called Busy Bee's Garden Experiment.  An experiment it is.  I think I've planted my seeds too soon.  They are getting so big and I'm going to have to re-pot them all before they can go outside.  Next year I will know not to plant so early.  I will admit though that we have had so much fun watching them grow and get bigger.  

zucchinis, peas and green beans



foxgloves.  These amaze me because they start out so tiny and get to be so big.  I can't wait to see them bloom.

This afternoon after school I caught the boys playing a game together.  

They had quite the Stratego battle going on.  It's awesome that they are less and less interested in TV these days.  Connor has started a new book series that one of his bestest friends that he likes to hang out with reads.  The Warrior series.  It's about warrior cats.  We've been reading it together and Aidan is still my little lego buddy.  Who needs that dumb ol TV anyway?  Well, I do, but I tivo everything and watch it when I can.

Not much else going on over here.  Waiting for spring to show up so that we can head outdoors!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How did I spend Valentine's Day?

With my favorite boys of course.  

We took the boys to a hockey game.  I absolutely love to go to hockey games.  I have for a long time.  The kids...not really ready to sit through full games.  This is the second time we've taken them to a game and they get bored really easily.  I guess they didn't inherit my love of the sport.  Maybe when they are a little bit older.  They actually said they enjoyed going to the baseball games more.  Huh?  Talk about boring.  I take knitting to baseball games because I'm so bored.  I like baseball games for the Guinness and sitting in the sun.'s fast, it's exciting and there are fights!

We were treated to a fight pretty early in the first period.

We ended up leaving between the second and third periods because the boys were getting restless and the Penguins were losing.  They weren't playing that great and I was getting frustrated.   It worked out nicely though because we beat the exiting crowd and didn't have to wait an hour in the parking lot trying to get out. 

I suppose we'll just have to wait until they are a little bit older for them to appreciate the sport.  I was hoping this year we could take them to a Buffalo Bills game in the fall.  I haven't been to a NFL game before and would love to go.  I don't think our kids would sit through a full game.  I guess we'll wait and see.