Saturday, May 2, 2009

9 years ago today.

9 years ago today.
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This will be a short and sweet post because I have way too much to do today. Our baby turned 9 today. It seems impossible that it's been nine years since we brought this little bundle of joy home.

He was the best baby ever. He was always smiling and happy. He got into everything. I tried to find a picture I had of him doing his favorite thing when he was little. He would roll through on his walker, find a bookcase and proceed to unload any shelf within reach.

Connor is an amazing little boy. He's so easy to please in every way. He's very adaptable which is good since we've move a lot in his short nine years. He'll try anything to eat at least once. His favorite food is sushi. That's pretty impressive. He is always willing to help when I need it or if one of our neighbors needs help. He's crazy smart. There is no pulling a fast one on him. He is incredibly imaginative. He and his brother can sit for hours making up stories and acting them out with their legos and Star Wars figures. He goes into his own little world and becomes whatever he's playing.

Another one of my favorite memories about Connor was when he was learning to talk. He made up his own words so he could be part of the conversation. Please used to be "wheat", as in "Can I have a Popsicle, wheat?" He used to say his "tr" as "f" truck was, well, you know. One day driving he was behind Tim in the car and pointed and said, "Look, it's a dumb f**k"...pointing out the window to a dump truck. I think Tim about drove off the road. It was funny.

Connor has now lived 6 years with type one diabetes. He's been a trooper about it. It wasn't easy being diagnosed at three. He had to get multiple shots daily. It took him about a year to get used to that. It was a very long year. Now he wears an insulin pump and counts his own carbs and enters his numbers by himself into his pump.

He is fiercely independent but at the same time is the biggest cuddle bug I know. As big as he is, he still wants to curl up next to me where ever I am and get cuddled. He has told me that even when he's a "cranky teenager" he'll still want to cuddle. What more could a mama ask for? It's been a lot of fun watching him grow. Now Tim and I sit and watch him and try to figure out what path he will take in the future. He loves Science. He's very creative. He's extremely smart. He's a great director. He loves to make movies. He adores animals. He could be anything. Whatever he wants to do, we will support him 100 percent.

We love you Connor. I hope you enjoy your special weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I can finally write a post about gardening.  

Here is a pictorial display of my day.  It started out earlier that I prefer on weekends, but the sun was up and the birds were singing (loudly).  We got up to find that we didn't really have anything for breakfast so Connor jumped on the chance to make something.  He pulled out the children's cookbook and flipped through the pages.  He found one for something called the "Grab n Go Breakfast cookies".  He looked at me and figured I would say no to cookies for breakfast but I surprised him and told him that he could make them.  They were made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal,  a little brown sugar, blueberries and cherries and almonds.  He did such a great job on them.  I let him do the hole shebang.  I was taking care of the dishes out of the dishwasher and hovering around but he read the recipe and followed the directions.  He cracked the eggs and used the mixers.  He was so very proud of himself when they were done and they were delish!  One cookie was filling enough to hold me until 12:30.

Connor serving up a mighty tasty cookie.

After breakfast I ran to the grocery store for the weekly goods.  I was in a foul mood when I left but driving to the store and looking at all of the beautiful tulips and daffodils up made me feel better.  I felt much better after I got a  bunch of these babies for my front porch:

I love Gerber daisies and they sure put a smile on my face after I got them. 

I came home and hung my first load of laundry out on the line and then planted the daisies.  Tim was a sweetie and took care of the groceries. I think part of it is because he likes to see what I brought home.  After daisies were planted there was a ferocious water gun battle.  Sadly, my towels on the line took a few hits but the insanely hot temps and crazy breezes dried them right up.  The day progressed with 4 loads of laundry, all of which dried free of charge and energy outside.  I was very pleased.  I was telling Tim how zen like it is to stand in soft grass hanging up yummy smelling clothes with the warm sun on my skin.  

I would say around 2 Nancy and I went to one of our local nurseries to have a peek at what plants were ready to go.  We picked a few things up and some organic fertilizers.  When I got home I did something pretty stupid.  In the middle of the 92 degree afternoon sun I decided that I was going to plant some of my tomatoes.  Uh yeah, it was hot.  I did get 12 of them planted and I hope they are on their way to being healthy tomato producing plants.  This year we are going to try something to attempt to cut back on the weeds.  I'm not sure if it will work, but I'll try anything to not have weeds like we did last year.  Tim and I laid down a bunch of newspapers and then soaked them.  On top of the soaked newspaper we put some peat.  I think I'll have to go out tomorrow at some point and put a little more peat down.  I was too hot and exhausted to do anymore with the tomatoes.

Weed control,  I hope.

One of twelve tomato plants put down into the ground today.

Nature's pest control along the edge of the patch.

Finished (for now).  I will put a little more peat on it tomorrow.

I then played with the water while I was watering.  It felt really good at this point.

You would think that gardening would be done after that, right?  Nope.  I had to go save those hostas.  That was a mission of mine from yesterday.  So, as hot and tired as I was I got Nancy and we went over and pulled a bunch of them up.  They didn't get planted into the garden yet, but will in the next couple of days.  Right now they are in a couple of buckets out front waiting for me.

Lots of hostas to be split up and spread around in my front garden that rarely sees any sun under the cherry tree.  Now I was ready to come in for the day and shower and start to relax.

After I was showered and cooling off, Tim made us a cocktail.  I'm not sure what it was called but it was OK.  It was orange juice, a banana, lemon juice and some tequila blended with ice.  I don't know if I would make it again but it was refreshing and cool.

And that brings us to bedtime.  Tim read a chapter of Ender's Game to Connor and Aidan and I did a couple of I Spys

The I Spy master.

Now the kids are in bed and  I'm sitting  here while Tim is watching some crappy Sci Fi movie that he tivo'd last night.  It's horrid.  I'm going to sign off and go put some lotion on the sunburn and get ready for school tomorrow.

Yay for actually getting things done today!