Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Call me crazy, but I like to plan things. I  am a list maker.  I like to have everything organized. 

We are starting to make our plans for  our year.  We have a ten year anniversary celebration/trip to plan.  Tim mentioned a trip to Ireland which I would love, but not sure if we are going to pursue it.  We have a lot of little things around the house to work on.  We have hiking trips to plan and maybe even a camping trip.  

In the past I have used notebooks to write everything down and then I'll put my notebook down not to be found for a month or two.  I figured since I have this little bloggie still up and running that I could do some planning here.

We have taken a weekend trip already once this month so I know that we won't be going out of town again for at least three weeks.  This weekend coming up we are planning to work on the closets in our bedrooms/classroom.  A while back I had the crazy idea to change everyones' bedrooms around but never got around to switching around the closets.  This weekend it will be done.   The following weekend will be outdoor pickup.  Crazy, I know, to do it in the middle of the winter, but I think the scarecrows can come in off the front porch.  

Oh, I just thought of something I have to do in the next week:  send Aidan's DS to Nintendo for some warranty work.  Self, remember to print off the Fed Ex label and send it.

After those two weekends are knocked off we are going to each weekend hit a room and super clean it.  I mean tear everything out of counters, pulling things off of shelves, scrubbing everything and doing touch up paint work.

So, there we have it....the month of January is all set up.  I know this year is going to be a good year and I'm excited!

Now, I'm off to take care of two weebles with sniffles.  Too many weekends away has finally caught up with them I think.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A good way to start out the new year!

How you say?  By spending the weekend with good friends that you don't get to see very often.  We packed up the crew and drove over to CT to spend the weekend over there.   The kids were very excited because they haven't seen their friends since last summer.  When we got there the house was swarming with girls.  They apparently had been up most of the previous night preparing for a "show".  I was laughing when they were getting ready to start, Jenn said she needed another beer.  I knew then what we were in for.

Future American Idols?

Connor and Aidan hanging out on the stairs, I think amazed by all the girls in one place.  Scared, perhaps?

After a third set, things started to turn sour and the boys were lining up on the couch to start taking the girls out.

After the show, the girls all left with their parents and it was left to being just our family and Samm's.  The kids all had fun playing on the wii and then all disappeared so that the adults could have some fun.  We tried to get them into bed at normal time, but that did NOT work.  Finally around 11:30 we had to split them up.  If we hadn't I'm certain they would have stayed up much later.  As it was, they both woke up at 7:30 wanting to get back to playing.

When we got up we were treated to a family of deer eating in the back yard.

baby deer getting ready to do some munching

The rest of the family showed up for breakfast after some more food was put out. The kids and I had fun watching them.

They all played together and then we had to get on the road.  The boys were not happy and have already made plans to go back (they think they are going back next month...I don't think it will be that soon).   

Proof that fun was had by all:

Connor passed out on the way home.  He never sleeps in the car.

Aidan zonked out too.  It was a quiet ride home. 

It was funny too becuase we weren't home an hour and Nick, a neighborhood friend, came over and played for two and half hours.  Now Aidan is so over tired he's cranky. Me thinks he will be in bed early tonight.

Tomorrow we start school back up from our winter break.  I'm hoping it will be a smooth transition back.  I'm hoping to keep up with the bloggie but I'm not promising anything right now.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to the new year.