Sunday, April 5, 2009

Perfect Spring day.

Today was a perfect sunny Spring day.  It started out kind of chilly but it finally got up to around 62 and nothing but sun and bright blue sky.  It was a nice change from the last couple of days.  I spent the day running errands yesterday and it was so cold and bitter and rainy.  Yuck.  Today made up for the last couple of icky days though.  The sun was actually up bright and early and we were able to get up before 8.  That is usually unheard of on Sundays.  

I got up and made a batch of pancakes and Tim finished up his school project and took his exam.  Aced it, of course.  Then Tim and Connor took a nice long walk along the river dike.  Aidan and I spent the time in the basement going through bins and trying to get organized.  We sort through the Spring/Summer clothes and weeded out what won't fit them anymore.  Let's just say that their cousin Bryson is going to be getting a nice big box of clothes soon.  We also worked on a lot of laundry.  I only do laundry once a week now so that I don't have to think about it during the week. I have too much other stuff to do than to worry about laundry.  I got the load of whites done and then a load of towels.  I threw the towels in the dryer and started it.  I then pulled the door open and stopped the dryer.  I had a little conversation with myself.  Self...I said, go upstairs, go outside and string up the line.  Hang those towels out in the bright sun and cool breeze.  You can save at least one load from the dryer.  So that is what I did.

Ahh, crunchy towels right off the line.

Tim and Connor came home and then the kids and I ended up spending 2 and a half hours outside.  Aidan drew a big racetrack on Nancy's parking lot and they had their scooter/bike races.  They dragged a bunch of toys outside and just had a blast.  During bath time tonight, I was noticing how cute they were with little pink cheeks.

Now it's almost bed time.  Connor has it in his head that he wants to listen to A Prairie Home Companion so I have to get their radio set to the station and then they will be going to bed.  I think I will do the same thing, go to bed and listen. 

The only other exciting thing going on around here right now is that we are waiting for butterflies.  We got 5 little caterpillar pupa on the 20th of March.  They were so tiny.  The kids have had so much fun watching the inch around and grow bigger and bigger.  We kept the cup on the big desk in the classroom and we kept tabs on them daily.  They finally made their little chrysalids on Friday and now we are waiting for them to emerge as butterflies.  We have to get sugar water and some flowers ready to feed them when they come out.  I hope that by the end of the week our temps are warm enough so that we can release them out into our yard. 

We got these little guys March 20th.

They got huge.  This picture was taken March 30th.

Turned in chrysalids on April 3rd.

Oh, and then there are also these guys:

our 30+ tomato plants that are waiting to go outside and get planted.  I've been putting them outside during the day to acclimate to the outdoors.  I would have liked to have planted them today but we are forecast for possible snow in a couple of days. I hope we don't get any.  It's Spring dang it...keep our temps warm.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and have a great week.