Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Day in Pictures.

My Day in Pictures.
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This will be a short and sweet post. This is my day in pictures. I was up super early and Tim dragged me outside to see how pretty the moon was in the early morning light. Of course, I had to run in and grab my tripod and camera and try to get a decent picture. Someday I'll have my nice camera where I'll be able to get really closeup shot. Then it was a full day of school. In our classroom my desk faces a big window into the back yard. Connor and Aidan stood at this window for 20 minutes watching two cats hunt down squirrels. They were so into it. They were hoping to see a cat score a squirrel. There were two cats out there. The orange cat was on the ground hiding behind their wagon and the black cat was up on top of their fort watching and waiting. Once in a while the squirrels would get complacent and come back into the yard. One of the squirrels almost met his maker. The orange cat would have gotten him if I hadn't screamed in horror as the cat jumped out at the squirrel.

After the drama in the back yard, Connor had his final junior great books live lesson where he presented his powerpoint on Ethiopia. He did a really good job. He read it a little too fast, but he did good research and put together a nice presentation.

Aidan did some math work and then went and played with his legos while Connor and I discussed matter, mass, volume and elements. He made something and asked that I would take a picture of it to put on my blog. I had to take a couple of pictures because he didn't like the perspective on some of them. He is so my child.

Then the kids and I wandered out into the yard for a bit to enjoy 60 degree weather. While I was out there, I found this weird looking thing growing up out of the ground. I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought maybe it was one of my carrots from last year that wasn't pulled and that it just started to grow. I don't think they can do that. I then remembered that I had planted rhubarb there last year. I was happy to see it come up again. I hope I didn't hurt it by digging around at it while I was trying to figure it out.

The only other thing major I did today was make another batch of granola. It is so tasty. It has oatmeal, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, honey, cinnamon and walnuts in it. The kids love it.

So that about sums up my day. I'm ready for bed. I got three new books today so I think I'm going to curl up in bed and read until I fall asleep, which is usually only about 5 minutes.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy day!

So yesterday after I finished posting about my garage sale finds Nancy called and asked me if I had made an offer on the living room set that I loved.  I had not. I didn't even ask how much it was because I assumed that it would be too rich for my blood.  She told me that she had stopped back by the house again and asked about it.  He had one offer on it but was willing to take another offer.  The offer was low low low.  I called Tim to find out if I should run over and make him an offer.  Tim had not seen the set, he had only heard me rave about it.  He said sure.  I hooked Patchy up and we walked two blocks over and caught the guy just as he was leaving. I asked him if he had sold the set.  He had not.  He told me to make an offer. I offered him 50 more than his previous offer had been (thanks Nancy for finding out what it was) and he took it.  I wrote him a check and made plans to pick it up today.  Tim came home and called his friend to see if he could help us pick it up with his truck.  Unfortunately, he was sick and not able to help us. 

That brings us to today.  I let Tim sleep in until 10 and then we walked over to survey what we could do.  We were pondering renting a uhaul truck for an hour and moving it.  It ended up that we carried the pieces home. I think I can safely say I got my weight lifting done today.  We got it home and set up and I'm so happy with the set.  Tim loves it too.  It's something that we would have picked up in a furniture store, just a couple thousand dollars cheaper.  Yay to garage sale finds!!

Our new living room set.  Not a great picture but it shows the couch and love seat.  I'll try and get a better picture later.  

After grabbing a quick lunch we head out the door again.  We walked into downtown and watched the St Patrick's day parade.  It was so beautiful out today.  We had such a nice time.  It was nice to feel the sun on my skin again.  Of course, I had planned on working in the garden but we opted to go to the parade instead.  The boys had fun and came home with so much candy that had been flung at them.

I love kilts!


Waiting for more candy and picking up what they could.

Patchy was not impressed.  He fell asleep on Tim's boots.  He was anxious at first because there were a lot of people, but he settled right down and got comfy (and dirty).  He did excited when the SPCA went by with some of their dogs.  he was happy to see some other dogs.

After the parade we came home and then went to the Hillside Dairy farm.  We had decided that we wanted to have some ice cream.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea.  That place was packed and the poor girls behind the counter were frazzled.  We love going to the Hillside and think we will make a monthly trek over there for an ice cream cone.

The kids checking out the chickens at the farm.

I did get my tomatoes outside for a little bit today.  It's supposed to be in the 50's all week so I'm going to start putting them out during the day to get them used to being outdoors.  I think I  can take down my grow lights soon.  I have to replant Tim's haberneros again.  I had three jalapenos come up but the ancho and haberneros didn't sprout.  Boo.  I hope I have enough time to sprout them and get them outside.  If not, I may be buying some at our local nursery.  

Well, I better go get stuff ready for school tomorrow.  Connor has a report to write about Ethiopia and he has to tie it to his Junior Great Books story he read last week.  That will take him a while tomorrow.  I better look at his schedule and do some shuffling.