Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Check this out!

The Story of Stuff. Watch the 20 minute video. Eye opening. Thankfully we have been making small changes and trying to live a more sustainable life, but this shows how much more work we have to do. We will be making some more adjustments around our little house in the city.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening news.

A nice weekend at home was had by all.  It was a much needed weekend to get things done around the house and thankfully we had decent weather.  The gardens are slowly starting to take shape.  I would say we are about 70 percent done.  Tomatoes and peppers are all in and ready to go.  We have two zucchini and one yellow squash planted.  Six cucumber plants are in and ready to climb their trellis.  We have Swiss Chard and Buttercrunch lettuce getting nice and big.   Nancy planted some broccoli...and I think that is it.

Still left to do:  plant some beets and green beans.  We have some extra space so are trying to decide what to do.  The kids want to grow pumpkins this year so I'm looking for a spot that they can sprawl out on. of the plants has a blossom on it already.  On the other side of the trellis is lemon balm.

Ring of broccoli around the sundial.

11 tomato plants that we planted two weeks ago.  They appear to be growing nicely.  Going to have to start tying them to stakes pretty soon.

I know you can't see them, but there are 15 more tomato plants planted here.  The night after we planted them we had a wind storm and all of the Maple seeds landed all over everything.  I will need to get them up so I don't have a lot of Maple trees growing.

Our pepper patch.  Six green pepper plants, 4 "rainbow" peppers, 4 Jalapeno plants, and 4 Habanero plants.

Swiss Chard and Buttercrunch lettuce. 

That is about it for now on the gardening.  I'm hoping that next weekend I can go flower shopping.  Not much else going on around here.  Like I said, it was nice to have a weekend at home and stick around to do things that needed to be done.  We are buckling down to try and get school done for this year.  All of us are looking forward to some time off from the books.  Although, little do they know they will be working on little things. 

I guess I will sign off with a couple more pictures from last week.  

Some pretty purple poofs that are blooming.  I'm not sure the name of them, but will ask Nancy...she knows all.  =)

These are blossoms on the Dogwood that we planted in the front yard a couple of years ago.  It makes me smile when I see this because when we move, we will have left something pretty behind.

I had to take this because I am usually the one cutting the grass.  I guess since it was Mother's Day and I had already done most of it that Tim came and offered to finish it up.   What a guy.

This picture is from our trip to the Dairy Farm last week.  Connor had to do a report on local and natural resources.  We went out to the farm and saw all of the animals and got some fresh milk and ice cream.  The kids had so much fun and were so cute watching all of the baby cows and ducks.  We all decided that we want to live on a farm.  Maybe after Tim is done with his school and settled into a firm job, we can buy a little farm and have some animals.  I already know that I want chickens and sheep.  

I think that is all I have for now.  It's going to be another busy week.  Tim is taking a vacation day tomorrow to finish his last school project and then Connor has his yearly checkup on Thursday.  I'm also excited because Thursday night is my first of two food preservation courses.  Now let's just hope that my tomato plants actually produce tomatoes.  

I hope everyone has a fantastical week!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Post.

It was a very busy weekend and I have a few pictures to post and some gardening to write about, but I am beat.  I will just post a quick post to share a picture that I took with my new camera.  Tim got me my camera for Mother's Day.  He's the best!

Underside of one of my Gerber Daisies. 

I hope I will have time to do a post tomorrow, but I'm not going to promise anything right now.  We are trying to finish up school and then I will have all summer to play.