Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fun!

I did the dreaded deed today.  I did something that I don't like doing, but did anyway.  I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. The germ factory.  Why?  Because they've been doing really good in school lately and Connor rocked his endocrinologist appointment and well, they've been whining about it for a while.

It wasn't as bad as I remember it.  Of course it was partly because it was at lunch time and most kids were in school.  They basically had the whole place to themselves with just a couple of pre school wee ones running around.  

Connor on a Star Wars game.

Aidan showing great determination and patience.

A happy duo.

Aidan in his fave place.  He spent most of his time up in the tubes.

This was actually a really neat thing.  It was a roller coaster simulator that they rode three times.  Connor got scared on the last one and I jumped in to finish off the ride and got off the stupid thing with motion sickness.  I must be getting old.  Nah.

The kids were great.  They didn't throw a fit when I said it was time to leave.  They didn't fight or argue.  They actually thanked me when we were done.  I will almost admit that I had fun.  I'm just not sure I'll tell the kids that. ☺

So, it's crazy cold here and we are going to spend the night in front of the fire and watch some movies I think.  Nothing major planned this weekend.  It was supposed to be our clean up the outside weekend but not when the high is 12.  Too cold for me.  

I hope everyone has a faboo weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogging bug hit.

I guess the time and energy that I put into this blog is paying off.  Connor has decided that he wants to start and run a blog.  I say go for it.  He actually wants to write?  Who am I to stand in his way?  I think it will be good for him and he's so excited about having one.  Aidan wants one too and I told him that if he is reading by the end of kindergarten, he can start one too.  Until then, he can guest write on Connor's.

What else is new?  Hmmm...Not too much.  We got the closets 90 percent done last weekend but then both Tim and I came down with the kids' colds and couldn't finish. It will be added to the weekend list for the upcoming weekend.  This weekend we are supposed to work outside and pick up a bit.  I suppose how much we get accomplished will depend on what the temps are.  They are supposed to be brutal.  

I'm also happy to report that one of our credit cards is officially paid off!  This is big news.  We are very happy.  We are very close to paying off the other credit card as well and then the only debt we will have will be the student loans.  Wahoo.  This is pretty exciting.  We've worked hard at this goal and it was so nice to pay the one off.  

Not too much else going on.  The kids are trucking along in school.  Connor just did a reading benchmark with his teacher and he did awesome.  I knew he would.  He had to do three timed readings to see how many words a minute he can read.  The first one he did was 130 words, the second one he did was 156 words and the third reading was 133. Why the difference?  Because on the first and last reading he was reading with such emphasis and drama that it was taking away from his numbers.  The second one he just read straight through after his teacher mentioned to just concentrate on reading.  After it was done I had to explain to him that while it was awesome for him to put such feeling into the reading and how it made it fun to listen to, he needed to just read on tests like this.  His teacher did say he was reading at an advanced level and that made me feel good.  

That being said, it's time to get back to school with the wee ones.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics up's just that there isn't much going on right now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Winter,

While I enjoy the snow and we have fun playing in it, I'm over you.  I'm tired of being cold all the time.  I'm tired of the grey skies.  I'm ready to start playing in the dirt again.  I'm ready to see green grass and bright flowers again.  I mean really, must you be only 13 degrees on Friday?  I have to go out first thing in the morning when it will be likely 0 degrees out to take Connor to his endocrynologist.  I would much more prefer it to be warmer.   Let's get the rest of your snowing done and bring on in Spring.   Are you listening Mr. Groundhog?

Busy Bee