Friday, September 19, 2008

Flowers and Dogs

Yup, it's still really busy around here. I'm happy to report that it seems we are finally starting to gel in our school routine. I'm not spending 8 to 9 hours a day on it. That makes all of us a little bit happier.

I actually had a chance to wander outside for a while yesterday. Mostly forced by my kids. Their neighborhood friend came over and they played outside for two hours. I thought I should take advantage of that time and survey my sorely neglected gardens. They seem to be winding down. We have four heads of cabbage that are ready to pick and four more that are still getting big. I picked a butternut squash and I saw three more growing back there. The tomato plants are still covered with tomatoes. The green peppers have turned red on the plant. The flowers seem to be doing pretty well. The big bush that was towering over the other plants in the back of the patio garden has exploded with dainty little purple flowers. They resemble asters, but the plant is much bigger than the other asters we planted. My gerber daisies keep popping out beautiful blooms. I love the little curly pieces around the center of the bloom.

butternut squash

more tomatoes

gerber daisy

Purple explosion

Patchy and Mylie had a good little wrestle while we were out there. They are such good doggie buddies. They are always ready to start a freindly little wrestle. It's so funny too because they will go at it like crazy and then they will both, at the same time, call a time out to rest and pant...and then they go back at it again. I made the mistake of once letting them wrestle after I had just cut the grass and Patchy's soft white fur turned green. It was kind of funny.

Patchy does this all the time...he somehow jumps over Mylie.

Mylie showed him who the boss is though.

So, that brings us to this weekend. The wee ones are all a-twitter with what we are doing tomorrow. We are meeting grandma, Ed and Melissa at Knoebels. We've never been there. It's fairly close to where we live, but have never made the trek. They have been doing a countdown all week and beside themselves or tomorrow to come. Then everyone is coming back here to spend the night. Sunday, extended family leaves and Tim will be driving down to Richmond for an all day interview. We're not sure if we are going to take the job even if it's offered. No one is really excited about moving. I think we are going to gamble on the chance of him being picked up by the new company in December. I hope when we come to December we aren't regretting our decision. We've done some research on Richmond and it doesn't look like a place we want to move to. I guess we'll play the wait and see game. I'm getting pretty good at that game.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm sure I'll be taking a bunch of pictures tomorrow at the park, so I might even get another post in over the weekend. I feel like I've been neglecting my little blog here, but I have to keep priorities straight, and school comes first.