Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gardening soon?

Here we are rolling close to the month of May and I have done nothing gardening wise. Maybe my laziness is being directed by mother nature. I just checked my blog from last year and saw that I put plants down into the ground on April 26th. Fast forward 327 days and we are due to have temps down to 30 tonight. I'm glad I've been lazy this year and not put anything out yet, it would all be dead.

We have had some crazy weather this spring. One week it's in the 80's and sunny and kind of too hot for spring. The next week it's grey, windy and cold. It didn't even get above 50 yesterday. We've had below freezing temps for a couple of nights. Heck, today while I was taking Connor to his PSSA tests, we saw snow flakes. So maybe I'm not being lazy. Maybe I am one with the earth and know that it's too soon. Yeah, that's what I'm sticking to.

I did work in one of the beds last Friday. It was actually a nice day and spent most of the day outdoors working in the garden and cutting grass. I bought some bee balm plants and some dahlias (which thankfully I didn't plant in the ground yet so I could bring them in) and I got a bunch of herbs planted.

One of my dahlias that are being transported indoors at night.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do about gardening this year. The plots that we've been using over behind Nancy's other house don't look like they are going to work this year. The house next door is now a huge apartment building for the college kids. Their parking lot is in the back yard. Basically if one drunken student falls out of his/her car, they will land in a garden plot. Add to that some pretty gross neighbor who live behind that house now who have taken to throwing their bag fulls of garbage over the fence onto the gardens. Nice classy neighborhood we are living in these days. I have been kind of hinting to Nancy that I want to build a couple of raised beds in our back yard, but she doesn't seem too keen on the idea. It looks like I'll be working some container gardens this year and hitting the farmer's market with a vengeance.

I've been happy with our living conditions for a couple of years but now I'm starting to really want to get out of the city and have a little land to garden and have some chickens. The only reason we haven't left here yet is because we LOVE our immediate neighbors. They are the best. I realized though that we will all still be friends, we just won't live next door to them anymore. Last Friday night we drove out to the country to pick up our 50 lbs of grass fed beef and all four of us said how nice it would be to live out there. It was so quiet and it smelled clean. Of course, that would mean a 30 minute commute for Tim every day and he's not too keen on that. Our lease is up in September and hopefully by then we'll have something figured out.

So, what else has been going on? We've been keeping busy, that's for sure. It seems like every weekend we have something going on. We go out of town one weekend, then have events planned all the following weekend, then we go out of town again. It's been fun though. We spent Saturday at the local dairy farm volunteering and then Sunday we took the kids to a minnow trapping and stream exploration class. I think we'll be looking into getting fishing licenses soon. Both boys were ready to get in the water and start trapping fish while we were there.

Connor holding a monster sized tadpoles caught in a local stream.

Aidan checking out one of the minnow traps.

School is finally winding down. It's been a long year and we are all ready for the summer off. Connor has just finished the last of his PSSA testing so those are done too. We're not really sure what the summer holds for us yet, but I do know sleeping in a couple of days will be on the list of things to do. Actually I think the boys will be spending a couple of weeks at a summer camp at the local farm. It's Monday through Friday 9 to 4 and they will learn about living on a farm, taking care of animals, working in gardens, etc. I think they will both take part in the peace camp this year too. We don't really have any vacations planned yet. I guess we are just waiting to see what comes up.

Well, that is all I have for now. I have to go print out a science test for Aidan and try to keep the boys quiet while Tim tries to write code. Not an easy task.

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